Grace Lee

Grace Elizabeth Lee is a 17 year old singer/songwriter from Detroit, MI.  With a passion for writing from a very young age, Grace crafts thoughtful, compelling lyrics and beautiful melodies that are convincingly beyond her years.  Her debut EP “Darling”, showcases a voice that is both classic and modern in its aesthetic, guiding you through a landscape that is at times haunting, and at others a simple exploration of love through the eye of a teenager.  Grace recently lent her voice to the song “Best of You”, which is currently featured in a Olive Garden campaign airing nationally.


In addition to music, Grace spends a large portion of her time with those in need.  She routinely volunteers as a teacher of art and music to inner-city students whose schools can’t afford art classes.  This coming October, Grace will be traveling to Nepal to help fight the sex trafficking of at-risk girls.  Proceeds generated from her current release, “Darling E.P.” will go toward the funding of this and other social justice endeavors that are so close to Grace’s heart.  Please subscribe to her site to keep up to date about tours, ad campaigns, trips, shows, releases, and the life of Grace Elizabeth Lee.